How to get away with Journalism

This is a blog I wrote to help other journalists, and myself, survive the ambiguous world of media law. I talked to professors, dissected legal jargon, and wrote about influential Supreme Court cases. The question of ethics is addressed, as well as the question over the origin of my cats’ names: Woodward and Bernstein.

Case Studies in Global Issues

This is a blog I wrote with three other classmates for Digital Global studies. I focused on development and independence in the Central African Republic (CAR) and the Muslim immigrant experience in different countries in Europe.

Turmoil in MENA

For the first course in Digital Global studies, I also contributed to a group blog. My focus was on the various challenges facing the country of Turkey and how globalization affects environmentalism and human rights.


On a lighter note, I wrote a blog about my experience as an identical twin. You can read about the various blunders, failed tricks and legal troubles associated with being the product of a split zygote.