VOX videos

Vox magazine is a print and digital magazine in Columbia, Mo. with 30,000 weekly unique visitors and a weekly print circulation of 10,000. Vox provides insight on news, arts and pop culture—as well as Columbia’s underground scene.

As a video and multimedia reporter for Vox’s News and Insight, I made individual stories on local events as well as complementary videos for print and online feature projects. I also had the opportunity to experiment with new digital tools, such as annotating videos with thinglink. Working for Vox gave me the chance to develop my video reporting and editing skills on my own for the first time.

  • Folk Fiddlers
  • Archaeology Day
  • A Bird’s-Eye View

  • Punching out Parkinson’s

The best part of working at Vox was working on stories that no one else seemed to be covering. Many of my sources told me how excited they were that I had found them and reached out. In a profession with an approval rating below lawyers and just above politicians, it’s nice to feel that gratitude every now and then. News is about controversy, exposing problems and keeping our officials in line—but it’s also about finding real people, sharing their stories and giving a voice to a community.

You can find the rest of my videos on Vox’s youtube channel.